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Absolutely! Anyone building a brand or business online must have press articles released about them. Benefits of having press around your brand include: Immediate exposure to an established audience, major SEO benefits, provides authenticity to your brand, social sharing potential and many more!

 Prices vary based on your goal for the press release. Typically, press release prices start at $500 and go up from their depending on the articles, how many you want and a few other factors. Once interested in one of our services you can choose how you want to be contacted to schedule a consultation. 

Simply stated, Yes. Press is a major component in getting verified on all social media platforms and a MUST have in order to be eligible. Are you interested in what you would need to be eligible for verification? Book a free consultation by going to the contact us tab!

 YOU, of course! Once you decided which package you want and start working with us, we send you a questionnaire gathering all the info that YOU want written about. Professional writers create premium articles based on what you tell us. You create the narrative and we write it. Once the articles are written we would proceed to getting them published with your approval.

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Lyric Enterprise is a Digital Marketing Agency which helps individuals become number one authority in their niche by utilizing social media marketing and online public relations to quickly build their credibility and online presence. 

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